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Having A Laugh

Local comics Nathan Cross and Dylan Stewart present a weekly half hour looking at the world of funny, including interviews with guests from around New Zealand and the world.

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Show host: Nathan Cross and Dylan Stewart Category: Comedy Language: English Website: Show's website Email: Email this show iTunesPodcasts on iTunes

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Episode Information

Having A Laugh-13-02-2019
Ray Romano
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Having A Laugh-06-02-2019 Ep 13
HA Fest - Nathan and Dylan discuss Ha Fest in Auckland, interview Scott Blanks and Corin Healy and find some odd NZ Laws
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Having A Laugh-30-01-2019 Ep 12
Ken Dodd
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Having A Laugh-23-01-2019 Ep 11

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Having A Laugh-16-01-2019 Ep 10
Louis CK
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Having A Laugh-11-01-2019 Ep 09
Dannevirke's No 1 Comedian Jade Moses joins Nathan and Dylan in Studio and talks Billy T James, Strong man humor and comedy
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Having A Laugh-02-01-2019 Ep 08
Happy New Year! Dylan and Nathan discuss new years news, New Years Resolutions and a great interview with Nick Rado!
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Having A Laugh-26-12-2018 Ep 07
CHRISTMAS!! Join Nathan and Dylan as they discuss Christmas. Plus who would win between Mr Bean and Alan Partridge
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Having A Laugh-19-12-2018 Ep 06
Katie comes into studio to talk Shakespeare, Character Comedy and Swingers Clubs! Plus Nathan, Dylan and Katie discuss PETA and there new slogans. Special guest: Alexander Sparrow!
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Having A Laugh-12-12-2018 Ep 05
Alexander Sparrow and Katie Boyle - Alexander is in studio talking about stand up comedy and his character comedy, plus his journey into the world of funny.
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Having A Laugh-06-12-2018 Ep 04
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Having A Laugh-28-11-2018 Ep 03
Nathan Jo-Bry - Part 2
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Having A Laugh-21-11-2018 Ep 02
Nathan Jo-Bry Part 1
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Having A Laugh 14-11-2018 Ep 01
Nathan and Dylan present a guest-free pilot episode of their brand new show.
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