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Join hosts Hannah Smith, and Jordan Neall for their programme giving Teenage Perspectives on some of the big issues facing youth today. Featuring music, interviews, and more! Tune in Wednesdays at noon for TeenSpective!

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TeenSpective-22-05-2019 - Episode 76
Cars, Part 1 - The Teenspective team are joined by Taylor and Carl to discuss the great Holden vs. Ford debate. Featured music: Confident- Demi Lavato, Heereos- Alesso, The tide is high- Atomic Kittens, For your entertainment- Adam Lambert
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TeenSpective-15-05-2019 - Episode 75
Sexiest Accents Featured music: Jonas Brothers-Cool, Backstreet Boys- I want it that way, Glee Cast- For the longest time and Guy Sebstation - Who's that Girl
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TeenSpective-01-05-2019 - Episode 74
Long distance Relationships Part 1 Featured Music from: Ariana Grande- Tattoed Heart, Chris Rene-Rocking with you, Byran Adam- Summer of 69 and Demi Lavato- Tell me you love me
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TeenSpective-17-04-2019 - Episode 73
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TeenSpective-10-04-2019 - Episode 72
Social Media Featured Music: Zayn- Dusk till Dawn, Usher-Yeah, Demi Lavato- Sober, Destiny's Child- Say my name
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TeenSpective-03-04-2019 - Episode 71
The Wiggles Featured Music from: Perfect by Topic ft Ally Brook Tattoed heart by Ariana Grande Shallow by Lady Gaga ft Bradley Cooper 7 years - Lukas Graham The tide is high- Atomic Kitten
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TeenSpective-27-03-2019 - Episode 70
Christchurch Terror Attacks
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TeenSpective-20-03-2019 - Episode 69
Getting to know Josh
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TeenSpective-13-03-2019 - Episode 68
Riverdale and Luke Perry
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TeenSpective-06-03-2019 - Episode 67
Bumble and Tinder with Nate
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TeenSpective-27-02-2019 - Episode 66
Breakdancing at the 2024 Olympics
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TeenSpective-20-02-2019 - Episode 65
Interview with Jay Jay Feeney Featured Tracks: Destiny's Child- Say my name; And, NSync- it's gonna be me
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TeenSpective-13-02-2019 - Episode 64
Valentine's Day
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TeenSpective-06-02-2019 - Episode 63
Six year old giving gifts on birthday
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TeenSpective-30-01-2019 - Episode 62
Get to know Tyler and Hannah
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TeenSpective-23-01-2019 - Episode 61

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TeenSpective-19-12-2018 - Episode 60
Space with Nisha
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TeenSpective-12-12-2018 - Episode 59
Xmas and talking about Jay-Jay Feeney
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TeenSpective-06-12-2018 - Episode 58
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TeenSpective-28-11-2018 - Episode 57
Gaming - Hannah is joined by Megan, Lilly and Zak to talk about Gaming! Featured music: 2002- Anne , Shout out to my ex - Little mix, Liam Payne -strip that down and TLC no scrubs
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