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Middlicious - Living A Magnificent, Delicious Mid-Life

Niki G will interview guests and hold discussions around what contributes to living a great mid-life. Niki wants to challenge the negative beliefs that are out there around aging and give wonderful examples of people living magnificent and delicious mid-lives.

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Episode Information

Middlicious - 20-03-2019 Ep 03
Nicki Wardlaw pt 2
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Middlicious - 13-03-2019 Ep 02
Why is the beauty industry so anti-ageing? The concept of beauty as we age. The commercial pressure to not age. w/ Special Guest: Nicki Wardlaw (Part 1)
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Middlicious - 06-03-2019 - Pilot
Welcome to Middlicious - Niki G hosts an introductory episode of Middlicious, outlining what the show is about, and what to expect in future episodes, as well as a bit of background on Niki herself!
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