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Project Sanity

Cutting through the noise within the ruling prism of our capsizing social construct, Palmerston North based theatre director Scott Andrew presents 'Project Sanity', a weekly educational show laying bare the inner logic of the accelerating global systems collapse now faced by all peoples on Earth and the installation of the new emerging social model. And it’s not all doom and gloom! Featuring a very careful mix of informative interviews, music, comedy and book/video recommendations to help you align with the signal of the new global logic on the local level as we navigate through the absurdity beyond the pale.
"We are not taught to be thinkers, but reflectors of our culture. Let's teach our children to be thinkers."
~ Jacque Fresco (1916-2017).

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Project Sanity-12-12-2018 Ep 19 (Repeat)
Defining Project Sanity by LVOA (Repeat)
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Project Sanity-06-12-2018 Ep 29
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