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MPR are the CHAMPIONS OF LOCAL MUSIC and as such, are proud to support NZ Music Month!

This year, we're excited to celebrate #NZMM through our PALMY SOUNDS NAKED events, The "WHAT DOES PALMY SOUND LIKE?" Competition, Songwriter's Circle, and our 100% Kiwi Music Weekends!


We are proud to be teaming up with Creative Sounds (aka The Stomach), and The RockShop NZ for the "What Does Palmy Sound Like?"competition!

Is it the sound of early morning traffic crossing the Fitzherbert Bridge? The sound of animals in paddocks in rural Manawatu? Birds singing as they settle in The Square overnight, or even the ducks that populate many areas of our city? Could be the roar of an engine at Manfield! Whatever you think it is - capture that sound, make it musical, and you could be in to win!!!

The top entries will be featured on a "What Does Palmy Sound Like?" Compilation, PLUS we have vouchers from The RockShop for the top 3 entries, and the overall winning artist will also receive studio time to mix and master their track for a single release, complete with specially created cover art from Jem Cheer! - with thanks to Creative Sounds!


1st Prize: WINSTON SHADBOLT - "Swamp Season"
- A Half-Day recording session at Creative Sounds to mix and master the winning track.
- A Single Release via Bandcamp, complete with custom artwork from Jem Cheer.
- Inclusion on the "What Does Palmy Sound Like?" Compilation
- A $100 Rockshop Voucher.

2nd Prize: SOUL SERENE - "Cold on the Mountain"
- A $50 RockShop voucher
- Inclusion on the "What Does Palmy Sound Like?" Compilation

3rd prize: KΛNΔKIN - "True North"
- A $25 RockShop voucher
- Inclusion on the "What Does Palmy Sound Like?" Compilation

The "What Does Palmy Sound Like?" Compilation:
If selected by the judging panel, your track will join the top 3 entries as part of the tracklisting for the "What Does Palmy Sound Like?" Compilation - to be released by Creative Sounds via Bandcamp, with cover artwork created by Jem Cheer, at the conclusion of the competition.

#WatchThisSpace for the release of "Swamp Season" and the "What Does Palmy Sound Like?" Compilation!


Palmy Sounds is an ongoing initiative of MPR. We play local musicians every hour of everyday during station hours on 999am. After the success of last year's PALMY SOUNDS NAKED events, they return again this year - with a massive THANK YOU to Cafe Royale for housing these performances!

Palmy Sounds Naked gives local musicians a platform to perform their music acoustically in intimate settings. All events are FREE ENTRY, and Family Friendly. If you missed an event, the concerts will be broadcast Sundays at 2pm in the Sunday Live Zone on 999am - Livestream available here, and OnDemand!

Cafe Royale Events:

Saturday 12th May    Sunday 20th May
Hanz   Libby Offord
1230 Dan Fordyce   Adam Lee
1300 Dan Webster   Grizzly Smith
1330 Levi   Ripple Effect

NZMM 2017 and 2018 Performances:


Join MPR, at Halcyon Cafe on Wednesday 30th of May 2018 as local musicians Kate Ward and Gill Allen (Wandrella), Bill Angus (The Mighty Ways), and Paul Turner (Ceol Manawatu) give insight into their songwriting, and performing a few tracks along the way!

Halcyon Cafe - Wednesday May 30th 2018 from 7pm.
This event was also broadcast Sunday June 3rd at 2pm.

100% KIWI MUSIC WEEKENDS / Programmes in Support of NZMM:
For over a decade, the 100% Kiwi Music Weekends have been a staple of MPR's NZMM celebrations! Between 8am and Midnight, we play 100% Kiwi Music during all breaks in programming on Saturdays and Sundays! Tune in on the 999stream on weekends and get your fix of Kiwi Music throughout May!

Not currently May? We also showcase a local track each hour through our 'Manawatu Sounz' initiative (link available below), as well as a weekly spotlight via Hugh's Featured Tracks!

More Info on Manawatu Sounz:
Are you a musician? Want to get your music heard on radio? Head over to our Manawatu Sounz page!