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Is a new initiative to MPR - supported by the Palmerston North City Council - showcasing and highlighting arts and creativity-based events of interest around the city.
For more information on how

HIGHLIGHT REEL - Check out some of the events we have documented as part of the LFTLR Initiative!
Including: Jeff Carr's Jam Night, St. Peter's College - Arts Celebration, Truly Made - Live in The Square, and Su Hart - Live at SHED 23!



Calling all artists, creatives and event managers! We're on the hunt for more arts-based events to cover as part of our Live from the Living Room initiative! Following on from the success that was Jeff Carr's Jam Night, we have a few more events to cover that demonstrate the creativity and talent in our city, but we also want the community to tell us what we should celebrate and document!

So, do you have a dance, drama/music performance, visual art exhibition that you could walk and talk us through (maybe live from your own studio/creative space) or other mixed media presentation/performance that you've created/developed that you'd like to share?
Are you part of a regular gathering of creatives with a performance component?
Are you taking art or performance on the road?
Are you experimenting with a new artistic endeavour? Perhaps celebrating a long running event, gathering or space?
Get in touch with MPR and let's ensure as many people know what you are doing as possible!

Live from the Living Room, brought to you by MPR - Manawatu People's Radio, and Palmerston North City Council.
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